Ana Luís Martins

Ana Luís Martins

Pilates International Trainer, Speaker and Program Developer, Ana Luis is director of ALM Pilates instructor training center.
As international trainer, she has delivered trainings and taught in Conventions in Portugal, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Malta, Austria, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Russia and Singapore.
As program developer, she designed and delivered a training program for Singapores’ Viva Fit Master Franchise, that helped the brand establish a quality service in Matwork classes in their clubs.
She developed a Kids program with the ALM Pilates team that she delivers internationaly.

International trainer for Pilates Institute (Swizterland) – FITS Pro since 2006. Invited speaker in Lusófona University since 2008. Invited Speaker in Pós-graduação for the Lusófona University from 2010/2012. Member Practicien of FF3P (Fédération Française Professionnelle des Praticiens Pilates). EDUQUA certified Trainer. Sport Life magazine on going invited specialist since 2009, and technical consultant for Sport Life Mulher since the magazines beginning.

Her work was responsible for the growth of the Pilates Method in Portugal and the establishment of the Method. By providing training for instructors throughout the country, writing for magazines and newspapers, appearing on Television Programs, going to Medical Conferences, creating links between companies, and creating an information service through the site to both instructors, employers and general public she brought awareness and recognition to the Method.

Ana Luís Martins was invited in her quality of expert to be part of the EHFA Technical Committee to develop their Pilates Standards (EQF level 4) 2012/2013.

Representative of the Pilates Institute in Portugal and Spain for many years, she was International Faculty and part of the Technical Committee.

As a trainer she has counted among her clients with names like Eric Barone (world speed record for bike), Sarah Warne (Dressage), Nelson Évora (triple jump), Naide Gomes (jump), Francis Obikwelu (sprinter) Yazaldes Nascimento (sprinter), Rasul Dabo (hurdles), Tiago Aperta (dart), Jorge Paula (sprinter), Diogo Ferreira (pole vault), Patricia Mamona (triple jump), Jonathan Puemi (hurdles), Arnaldo Abrantes (sprinter).