Understanding the Fascial System is essential for those who work with training, movement and health, allowing greater effectiveness in their work. The information acquired in this training is transversal to all professionals and its knowledge can be applied to all types of training. 

ALM represents the FREE Fascial Real Emotion program from Ester Albini in Portugal. 

ALM invites International Tacher Trainers to come and teach in Portugal. 

Enjoy the oportunity to learn more, with interesting programs and international Teachers.

Bellow some of the programs we already had .If you are interested, we can bring one of these programs to your team. Contact us.

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FREE Fascial Real Emotion 1 Level – 12h

Trainers Ester Albini e Sónia Abrantes

Intensive course for professionals that work with training, movement and health and want a movement approach through the use of the fascial connective structures and the FREE programme. This use, facilitating movement, promotes a deeper connection with the knowledge and use of Myofascial Lines. An innovative programme created by Ester Albini, renowned international trainer with several published books.

Trainer Sónia Abrantes – Dates: 22, 23 Abril 2023 – Formação presencial

Trainers Ester Albini e Sónia Abrantes – Dates: 19, 20 Novembro 2022 

PILATES Neuro Fascial – 16h

Trainers: Ester Albini, supported by Sónia Abrantes /Ana Luís Martins - Taught in English

Ester Albini is one of the top trainers worldwide, with extensive knowledge about different types of training: functional, fascial, neurological, neurofascial, Pilates. With several books published, she developed her FREE program – Fascial Real Emotion, which she has been sharing in her workshops.

In these two days you will have access, as in a convention, to several workshops and master classes. You will receive more information about neurological training, with tests and exercises. How to improve cellulite with foot training. What to do with those who have carpal tunnel syndrome, AND masterclasses from your FREE program. New information, different from the previous programs you have given by ALM Pilates. Training in English with translation (if necessary).

Dates: 18, 19 Junho 2022

PILATES Miofascial – 16h

Trainer: Ester Albini - Taught in English

Intensive course for professionals who already have training in the Pilates Method, and want an approach to the Matwork repertoire through the use of the fascial connective structures.

Dates: 2, 3 Novembro 2019