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Training by ALM:
Our Training Solutions

ALM Training came about as a result of requests from our trainees to address issues that are essential for all professionals trained in training, health and movement.

We have also developed programmes for coaches, with content specific to their sport.


If you are a professional and work with movement, you want to know more about joints, the neurological system, how to apply the movements and knowledge you have acquired in practical cases, in different techniques and methods in private training or group classes, the ABACE Workshops are for you. You'll learn from the principles of anatomy, biomechanics, arthrokinematics and exercise.

Trainer and programme developer: Jorge Pereira

Training by videoconference

ABACE Workshop – Foot (4H)

ABACE Workshop – Knee (4H)

ABACE Workshop – Shoulder (4H)

ABACE Workshop – Spine (4H)


Presential trainings

ABACE Workshop – Neural mobilization (4H)

ABACE Workshop – Case Studies (4H)


If you work in personalised training or group classes and want to know more about adaptações nos treinos para clientes que apresentam condições ou sintomatologias específicas em diferentes técnicas e métodos em âmbito de treino privado ou aulas de grupo, os Workshops PESP são para si.

Trainer and programme developer: Carlos Fonseca

PESP - Coronary Artery Disease and Hypertension 

PESP - Arthritis and Osteoporosis (4H)

PESP - COPD, Asthma and Diabetes (4H)

PESP - Pregnancy and Postpartum (4H)


If you are a professional in a movement or public sector and would like to know more about different types of breathing, benefits, integration into training, Breathing and Movement training is for you.

Trainer and programme developer Sónia Abrantes

Breathing and Movement


If you are a professional in a movement or public sector and would like to know more about basic anatomy and training, Anatomy and Movement I is for you. Aimed at those who have no basic training in anatomy or wish to review concepts, this training is for everyone. Professionals and the public can attend.

Trainer: Carlos Fonseca

Anatomy and Movement


If you are a swimming coach and want to know more about water training for postural improvement. Using Neuromyofascial concepts in swimming techniques.

Trainers and programme developers: Ana Luís Martins, Jorge Pereira, Cristina Jorge.

AQUA – Postural e NMF
AQUA (25H)