AQUA – Postural e NMF – 15h

Trainers: Ana Luís Martins , Jorge Pereira, Sónia Abrantes e Cristina Jorge

Training for Swimming Coaches of Level I, who wish to acquire the necessary knowledge and mastery to know how to apply exercises in water with a view to postural improvement with Neuromiofascial training through swimming techniques.

UCs: 3 Formação Contínua (Treinadores Natação I)

AQUA – 25h

Trainers: Ana Luís Martins and Carla Bangueses

25-hour training for those who have a Swimming training (level 1), where you will learn to apply exercises for clients with different levels of skills, including special populations, with a view to improving aquatic skills, and moving in the water, through the improvement of techniques of swimming.

You will improve your postural assessment skills, in different contexts, learn new exercises to include in your workouts to improve performance, motor coordination, postural alignment, and body self-awareness of your students.