Jorge Pereira


Graduated in Physiotherapy from ESTS in Lisbon, Jorge Pereira was a trainer at the Pilates Institute. Invited trainer by the Pilates Institute in Hungary, he was Presenter at the convention of the Pilates Institute Suisse in 2010, at the 4th and 6th International Pilates Marathon – Italy. University professor of the disciplines of MTAIF and Means of Containment and Immobilization at the Piaget Institute, he is a trainer at ALM Pilates, and collaborates in the development of programs.

Visceral Osteopathy Course (GICES) 2005. Muscle Chains IV Course - Formation Busquet, 2005. Knee Rehabilitation Course - Prof José R. Prado Coelho 2005. Higher Training in Cervical Pathologies using the G.P.R. method 2005. RPG course - PH. E. Souchard, 2004. Muscle Chains I, II, III course - Formation Busquet. Urinary Incontinence Course 2002. Theoretical-Practical Course in Cardio-Respiratory Resuscitation in Sport. Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology Course 1999. CEFAD Sports Massage Degree Course, 1998.

Myofascial Pilates and Neuro Fascia Special training with Ester Albini.

Masters de Pilates, by Pilates Institute ND ALM Pilates. Reformer com Torre 1.

Pilates Prenatal & Postpartum, Pilates Seniors, Técnicas para Equipamentos, Pilates Clínico1 e 2, Workshops ABACE, Anatomia e Movimento 2.