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ALM was responsible for my consistent foundation of the Pilates method. I consider that I have acquired many tools to carry out quality work. I learned through this school that each body is different and we can never treat it in the same way, which is what makes ALM different. All my training was with this school, to which I owe immense respect. I started in 2002 and did my last training in 2016. Today I have a studio with equipment for individual sessions, in pairs in Estoril and some solo groups in the Cascais line. Within the diversity of clients that I have had the opportunity to receive, I can mention some cases, such as: people of all ages and with different limitations, others who want to get some body awareness, gym athletes and also more specific cases such as with neurological limitations (cerebral palsy by birth). Thank you to ALM and your trainers. Until the next training.
Paula Romero
Pilates instructor
"I consider this Pilates training to be the best in the world! We are prepared to work with anyone, be it an athlete, an elderly person, a dancer, a teacher or a child. This training was, without a doubt, the best choice I made! I fell in love with this method and opened my studio in Luxembourg....In 16 years of experience in recruiting other teachers from other schools, I still cannot compare the superiority in terms of demand, professionalism, detail and precautions in which this training offers. Great! The training is continuous... and until today, after 12 years, Ana Luís Martins is present when I have doubts and always attentive to help me on my path. Thank you!"
Patricia da Cruz
Pilates Studio Luxembourg Director & Owner Pilates Ambassador of Luxembourg
“Ana Luís Martins and Sónia Abrantes were the main reason why I chose the Pilates Institute Suisse training, among all the training options in the country. Not only for the quality that distinguishes them, but also for the support they provide after training.”
Vanessa Donga
Director of Core Design Wellness Solutions – Switzerland
ALM's value for me is the experience and knowledge of the trainers who prepare us for the daily challenges of finding solutions for our customers. I am currently a Coach at the Gravity Club in Singapore and 80% of my time is dedicated to working with the Pilates Method. The spectrum of clients I work with is very diverse, from seniors, clients with limited health conditions such as Lupus, bodybuilders to athletes. ALM is undoubtedly an asset in my training, providing me with tools to make my work a success. Whenever possible, I will continue to do training with them.
Margarida Ferrão
Coach Gravity Club, Singapure